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Meet the Scholars!

G1: GCSP Cohort 1 (joined in 2016); G2: GCSP Cohort 2 (joined in 2017); G3: GCSP Cohort 3 (joined in 2018). To learn more about our Scholars, click the header links!


Toluwanimi Bello (G1)
Chemical Engineering ’17
Amelia Hallworth (G1)
Biological Sciences ’17
Maniraj Jeyaraju (G1)
Interdisciplinary Studies ’17
Nicholay Topin (G1)
Computer Science ’17
Aakash Bajpai (G1)
Mechanical Engineering ’18
Sophia Lopresti (G1)
Global Studies ’18
Roopa Mistry (G1)
Health Administration & Policy ’18
Heather Mortimer (G2)
Interdisciplinary Studies ’18
James Rogers (G1)
Mathematics ’18
Kourtney Rutkowski (G1)
Mechanical Engineering ’18
Nicholas Simon (G1)
Chemical Engineering ’18
Claudia Xie (G1)
Biological Sciences ’18

Current Scholars

Jood Ali (G3)
Mechanical Engineering
Jordan Armstead (G3)
Mechanical Engineering ’20
David Barry (G2)
Mechanical Engineering ’20
Laina Colony (G2)
Chemical Engineering (Environmental Engineering & Sustainability Track) ’20

Randy Deinlein (G3)
Mechanical Engineering ’19
Emily Duan (G2)
Mechanical Engineering ’19
Connor Ganley (G1)
Chemical Engineering ’19
Steve Hilliard (G3)
Computer Science ’20

Zachary Hunter-Lee Little (G2)
Environmental Science & Geography ’19
Michael LaScola (G3)
Chemical Engineering ’20
Lucas Bailey McCullum (G2)
Mechanical Engineering and Mathematics ’19
Stephanie Milani (G2)
Computer Science and Psychology ’18

Samina Musa (G3)
Chemical Engineering ’20
Eric Shaner (G2)
Chemical Engineering ’20
Jethro Ssengonzi (G2)
Mechanical Engineering ’20
 Craille Tallase (G3)
Mechanical Engineering ’20

Zachary Voelkel (G3)
Mechanical Engineering ’20