No, scholars will learn about all of the Grand Challenges in the Grand Challenges Orientation Seminar (GCSP 301) in their first semester in the program and will choose one of the Grand Challenges to focus on during that semester.

You may apply even if you do not meet all of the requirements.  If we have concerns about whether you can successfully complete the program, we will be in touch with you to discuss whether it makes sense for you to enter the program now or perhaps wait until a future date.

Absolutely! We welcome students from all majors and colleges and are actively trying to build a community of scholars that spans a range of disciplines. Solving these challenges will need the input of professionals in a wide range of areas, and our aim is to build skills that will allow students from different perspectives work together towards solutions.

In general, yes. We will work with students on an individual basis to determine how completed experiences can be counted directly or leveraged towards the program requirements. You will be expected to document the experience and to reflect on how it has contributed towards the learning objectives for the Grand Challenge program. This work will be done as part of the Grand Challenges Orientation Seminar (GCSP 301) in your first semester in the program.