Program Areas

Students will complete qualifying experiences in each of the five program areas of the Grand Challenge Scholars Program.

The program areas are

UMBC’s Entrepreneurship program offers four core learning objectives drawn from existing coursework, along with a personalized objective focused on recognizing opportunities, effective communication, teamwork, and applying entrepreneurial thinking to social issues. Read More
The Global Perspectives element in the GCSP at UMBC is built on four core learning objectives and two personalized objectives. These objectives encompass proficiency in diverse team collaboration, global citizenship awareness, cultural understanding, and openness to differences. Read More
The Interdisciplinarity core learning objectives focus on analyzing and synthesizing contributions from multiple disciplines to address complex problems. These objectives involve recognizing contributing disciplines, creating common ground among diverse perspectives, and applying bridging strategies for interdisciplinary integration. Read More
UMBC’s Research program has six core objectives rooted in URA recipient assessments and the Critical Agency AFC, covering effective communication, disciplinary writing, creativity, inquiry formulation, disciplinary thinking, and ethical conduct. Read More
The Service program’s core learning objectives, based on the Social Responsibility AFC, encompass community engagement, civic agency, and reflective capacity. Additionally, students choose one personalized learning objective to align with their interests and goals. Read More


Each student will create and maintain an electronic portfolio that outlines their qualifying experiences in each of the program areas. Each program area has a set of specific learning objectives that they will have to demonstrate they have mastered by submitting documentation and request for validation.