GCSP 302

Course Description
  • Students will take this one-credit seminar in their second semester in the program.
  • The seminar will provide a structured environment for students to design their pathways through the required program experiences, beginning to construct the e-portfolios that will serve as documentation of their experiences and that will be used for assessment and verification of the program requirements.
  • The Program Seminar is the second of three one-credit seminars that are required for Grand Challenge Scholars.  Permission required.
Overview of Course Structure
  • Students will work individually and in groups to develop and document their Grand Challenge program experiences.
  • Students in the Grand Challenge Scholars Programs are required to identify one of the National Academy of Engineering’s 14 Grand Challenges and complete experiences related to their Grand Challenge in five program areas:
  • Students must submit a short proposal for each of the program areas in order to have their planned experience approved, and must then document completion of the experience in an e-portfolio.
  • Students in this course will have begun creating their e-portfolio in GCSP 301, and will be at different points in their progress. Therefore, this seminar is designed to be flexible, but also to ensure that students have proposed all five program experiences by the end of the semester, and to have begun documenting them in the e-portfolios.
  • Most classes will be run as working sessions, with students working in groups to develop and refine their program area proposals and e-portfolios documenting their participation in the GCSP and their completion of the program requirements.
  • Each of the five experiences has a set of associated core learning objectives, and the students also select several personalized learning objectives. We are currently developing rubrics for each of the required learning objectives, and an open-ended rubric for assessing achievement of the personalized learning objectives.