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GCSP 301 – Fall 2017 – Schedule

Updated August 22, 2017

All students are responsible for completing the assigned reading before class, with the exception of the first reading assignment, which should be completed by the second week. Chapters of the Abundance textbook are referred to as “A#.”

* These class topics will include a student-led discussion and presentation. Each student will be “Primary” (lead responsibility) on one class and “Secondary” (supporting presenter) on another class, assigned at random. These classes together are the “GC reading presentation” assignment.



Assigned Reading

Handouts / Due 



Introduction to the Grand Challenges

NAE Grand Challenges Report


Designing Your GCSP Experiences

A1, “Our Grandest Challenge”



*Ethical Frameworks and Responsible Research

A2, “Building the Pyramid”
A11, “The Technophilanthropists

Reflection 1: Now that you’ve taken RCR training, what do you perceive are the most important issues in conducting responsible research in your discipline?  What measures will you take to ensure that you’re a responsible researcher?

(respond in 250 words/ 1 page)

Primary: Eric
Secondary: Jethro



Make solar energy economical
Provide energy from fusion
Develop carbon sequestration methods
Manage the nitrogen cycle
Provide access to clean water

A8, “Water”
DoE Report
A13, “Energy”


Reflection 1 due

Primary: Jethro
Secondary: Emily


*Global Perspectives; Diversity and Implicit Bias

A12, “The Rising Billion”

Hart & Case, Paragon of the Polygons

Reflection 2: Implicit Bias

Explore your own implicit biases.  How might your implicit biases impact the work that you do in the Grand Challenges Scholars Program?  

Primary: Laina
Secondary: Lucas



Advance health informatics
Engineer better medicines

A15, “Healthcare”

Reflection 2 due

Primary: Steph
Secondary: Eric
Dr. desJardins out of town


*Teamwork and Handling Conflicts

A7, “The Tools of Cooperation”

Brounsten and Lau articles

Reflection 3: Teamwork Experiences

What personal habits, work styles, personality traits, or other characteristics do you embody that might make it difficult for team members to work with you?

Primary: David
Secondary: Steph


*Security Challenges

Restore and improve urban infrastructure
Prevent nuclear terror
Secure cyberspace

SonicWall 2017 Annual Threat Report

Buntinx article


Reflection 3 due

Primary: Lucas
Secondary: Zach


*Entrepreneurship; Creating an E-Portfolio

A10, “The DIY Innovator”
A18, “Risk and Failure”

Reflection 4: Creativity & Innovation

Reflect on a recent experience in which you felt creative.  What was it about that experience that allowed you to innovate?  For example, was it the nature of the work?  your mindset?  the environment?  the presence of others?

Primary: Emily
Secondary: Heather


*Joy of Living Challenges

Reverse-engineer the brain
Enhance virtual reality
Advance personalized learning
Engineer the tools of scientific discovery

A14, “Education”


Reflection 4 due

Primary: Heather
Secondary: Laina



A15, “Freedom”
A19, “Which Way Next?”

Reflection 5: Service & Science

Reflect on why service is part of the Grand Challenge Scholars Program.  How does the service component complement the program areas that are more tied to functional competencies?

Primary: Zach
Secondary: David


Focusing Your GCSP Experiences: Selecting a


Reflection 5 due


NO CLASS – Thanksgiving


Student Presentations


Student Presentations


E-portfolio due

Monday 12/18, 3:30-5:30

Student Presentations / After-Action Review